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High-speed folding door EFA-SFT® THERM

Industrial door folding door EFA-SFT® Therm
  • Industrial door folding door EFA-SFT® Therm
  • Industrial door folding door EFA-SFT® Therm

Highly-insulated, thermally separated and safe

EFA-SFT® THERM Highlights

  • Quick, robust, economical
  • Minimum space requirement
  • Thermally insulated steel profile construction
  • Infills utilize EFA-THERM® laths
  • Triple PMMA glazing optionally available
  • Opening speed up to 1 m/s
  • Closing speed up to 0.6 m/s
  • Up to 150,000 operating cycles per year
  • Standard sizes up to W=5,250mm x H=7,000mm

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    Protection and safety

    The combined safety contact edge and light barrier continuously monitor door safety. Should the safety contact edge encounter an obstacle in operation the door wings stop, and immediately return to the open position, with operation reinstated automatically on a timed close delay. To optimise safety the light barriers are integrated into the side frames, offset from the door closing line, with variable fitting heights to suit your operation.

    As an additional safety option, a light curtain can be mounted to the vertical frame which monitors the area in front of the closing line up to a height of 1,755 mm. The light curtain prevents the door system operating when an obstacle is detected in the opening.

    Now even better

    The introduction of this new door type sees a fundamental new development, with the door leaf now consisting of a thermally separated steel profile frame combined with 40mm thick EFA-THERM® laths.

    Given to the configuration of materials used a whole new standard in thermal performance for folding doors has been achieved, fulfilling even the highest requirements perhaps for new build or refurbishment, where the aim is to deliver energy savings.

    Perhaps your wish for more natural light in which case triple glazing is available, thanks to the unique framing profile the infills are quickly and easily replaced.

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