High-speed roll-up door EFA-SRT® MS USD

EFA-SRT® MS USD at a glance

  • Use as a movable separating safety guard
  • Door leaf made of flexible, transparent PVC
  • Functional safety performance level »d«
  • Maximum opening speed up to 1.8 m/s
  • Up to 250,000 operating cycles per year
  • Maximum of 7 cycles per minute
  • Life cycle 12 years

    Additional information

    From the bottom up

    The EFA-SRT® MS USD is the first EFAFLEX machine protection door closing from the bottom up. This reliable, space-saving and low-maintenance upside-down high-speed door was developed specifically for heavy-duty industrial applications. A particularly powerful pulley device levers the closing edge upwards within the frames.


    Due to the floor supports integrated into the side frames, this roll-up door has a self-supporting design and can be installed as a stand-alone system and not intended for wall installation. At the outer edge, the door curtain is equipped with securing knobs holding it safely in the guide rails.


    The EFA-SRT® MS USD is a stand-alone, power-operated, movable, separating locking safety guard according to DIN EN ISO 14120. It can be used as a restraint system for people, which, together with the machine’s control system, ensures the optimum safety for people working with and on machinery and equipment in the industrial and commercial sector. A safe limit switch serves as electric locking unit between the door and machinery/equipment. To ensure protection against reaching into the door mechanism, both the winding shaft and the drive are completely covered with sheet metal profiles.


    The door dimensions can be configured with widths ranging from 600 mm to 6,000 mm and heights ranging from 1,000 mm to 4,500 mm. The flexible door curtain is available in several designs and colours.

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