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Door systems and security systems from EFAFLEX.

In 1974, EFAFLEX was the first company in the world to focus exclusively on high-speed doors. Our vision from back then developed into our technological edge of today – it determines our thoughts and actions of tomorrow: technological leader for high-speed doors – worldwide.

We are a family business. We are based in Bruckberg near Munich, and we have a total of 10 subsidiaries. For us, the customer comes first. As a premium supplier, we not only attribute great importance to high-quality products, but also to the all-round satisfaction of our customers. We set benchmarks in the industry with our service programme. Every day, 1,400 employees all over the world work hard to

ensure the quality of our premium products and the satisfaction of our customers. We are represented on all continents, in 56 countries.

We develop and make individual doors for a wide range of industries. Our industrial doors are available as spiral doors, roll-up doors, folding doors, clean room doors, freezer doors, machine protection doors and many other special designs for countless branches of industry and commerce.

The international, innovative and creative art of engineering from Germany and Europe – from EFAFLEX.

Facts & figures

Year founded: 1974
Employees: 1,400 worldwide
Sales market: 56 countries
Years of success



The new EFA-SmartConnect® module is the solution for networked doors from EFAFLEX.

The accompanying app allows for central monitoring and easy control. The goal: to lower operating costs, minimise downtimes and prevent faults from occurring in good time.


PREMIERE at the LogiMAT fair in Stuttgart: The new high-speed door for machine protection, the EFA-SRT® MS USD.

The first machine protection door to open from top to bottom as standard. This reliable, space-saving and low-maintenance upside-down door is developed specifically for heavy-duty industrial applications.


EFAFLEX presents the new EFA-SFT® THERM high-speed folding door.

A fast, safe and simultaneously wind and weather resistant folding door with thermally separated set-up: highest thermal insulation, unequalled running performance and absolute reliability.


PREMIERE at the BAU Messe fair in Munich: the new high-speed door for material transport logistics EFA-SRT® MTL.

Extensive drive types, freely configurable and individually combinable modules are the highlights for an optimum process integration.


New: EFA-TRONIC® control box.

The new EFA-TRONIC® control boxes are equipped with the latest generation of microprocessors. Developed especially for EFAFLEX, the market-leading manufacturer of industrial high-speed doors.


Premiere at the BAU Messe fair: EFA-SST® Essential for simple applications and EFA-SRT® Soft Touch with added width and height.


Premiere of the two self-developed machine protection doors, EFA-SRT® MS and EFA-SST® MS.


Premiere at the BAU Messe fair: new door system with brand new and ingeniously simply designed collision protection, the EFA-SRT® Soft Touch.


Premiere at the Hannover Messe: presentation of the EFA-SST® TK-100.

The first genuine single-door solution with high-speed door technology for the deep freeze area.


Premiere at the BAU 2011 – EFA-SST® PS.

Presentation of the fastest parking garage door in the world. Popular today, and proven due to its application in countless other installation situations.


EFA-SCAN® – the first laser scanner in the world.

Laser scanner for use on door systems – patented for horizontal detection by EFAFLEX. We do not know of any better system for the safety of people, goods or for directional opening.


EFA-ACS® is now also available for the EFA-SST® and EFA-STT® door types. Active Crash System for original spiral doors by EFAFLEX, unique worldwide.


The new, innovative generation of the EFA-SST® revolutionises the market – in combination with the EFA-THERM® insulation laths.


The EFA-ACS Active Crash System.

The new collision protection ensures a completely automatic “repair” of the door leaf.


The fastest door from EFAFLEX: EFA-STR® opens at up to 4.0 m/s.

The EFAFLEX STR high-speed turbo roll-up door combines the patented design principle of the spiral-shaped door-blade mounting with the use of flexible and differently coloured door curtains. The door with the highest opening speed to this day.


EFAFLEX develops the EFA-STT®.

The high-speed turbo door is a unique high-speed door for interior and exterior use. The door leaf consists of single-wall laths that remain completely transparent over the long term. At this time, it is the fastest door in the world.


The first ever door light barrier in the world, EFA-TLG®.

The TLG door light barrier, which was developed by EFAFLEX and tested by the TÜV, shows the latest trend-setting developmental standard of optimised safety technology. For the first time, an infrared light curtain is generated at the door closing level, which covers almost the entire surface.


The SST high-speed spiral door: the world’s very latest development!

The SST high-speed spiral door is an invention from EFAFLEX, and the most economical solution for building closures which see frequent use. The unit contains two door systems: the high-speed door is a burglary-proof external door and weatherproof high-speed door at the same time. It is unique in terms of its design to this day, and THE original spiral door.


The classic design is developed further: the SRT high-speed roll-up door.

All high-speed roll-up doors from EFAFLEX have one thing in common: their largely maintenance-free technology in a space-saving modular design. The EFAFLEX collision protection (EAS) is the intelligent option for the “crash” without serious consequences.


Further and new development of the AS aluminium/steel high-speed folding door.

With the patented cardan joint technology, EFAFLEX creates a new trend-setting technical standard. The newly-developed product has been part of the EFAFLEX range of products for more than 30 years.

High-speed folding doors from EFAFLEX are mainly used as external doors for industrial halls. They protect against noise and draughts, save energy through their high-speed opening and closing action, and are convincing with their excellent heat and sound insulation characteristics.


Production of the MFT steel high-speed folding door.


Market maturity of ES elastic high-speed folding door.

EFAFLEX invents the word “high-speed door”. Rapid, insensitive doors with advanced technology. Low acquisition and operating costs, exceptionally high utility.


The EFAFLEX strip curtain is launched.


Swing door with drive – the consistent further development.


Swing door without drive – the first product development from EFAFLEX.

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The cheetah is the fastest terrestrial animal of the world and uniquely combines speed with aesthetic appeal. Therefore, it perfectly represents the EFAFLEX high-speed doors.


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