High-speed roll-up door EFA-SRT® MTL.

The high-speed roll-up door for logistics.

The EFA-SRT® MTL is designed for all applications within intensive logistics processes and is particularly suitable for commercial and industrial use in enclosed areas that are not exposed to wind or weather conditions. With a multitude of application, equipment and combination options, the high-speed roll-up door (SRT) spans a wide range of conceivable applications in the eponymous spectrum of “Material – Transport – Logistics” (MTL).

EFA-SRT® MTL at a glance:

  • Power-driven high-speed roll-up door for industrial and commercial use in the materials handling sector
  • Particularly suitable for confined space applicatons
  • Maximum speed up to 1.5 m / s
  • Closing in 1.0 m / s
  • Up to 250,000 cycles per year
  • Standard sizes up to w=3,000 mm, h=3,000 mm


EFA-SRT® MTL as access restriction (FTO) without personal protection Open

Access to danger zones is made more difficult by the door, but not prevented completely. For example, in areas that are to be absolutely blocked for people and reserved only for conveyor technology, it is not necessary to equip MTL doors with personal protection. This is referred to as “access restriction”, because during regular operation, no persons are allowed to enter the system, and access is only permitted for instructed operating personnel after the entire system has been shut down, e.g. for service work and/or inspection purposes.
The end element can optionally be designed straight or with a door leaf extension. This configurable, local door leaf extension ensures the best possible adaptation to existing conditions. Light barriers can be optionally integrated in both variants. The use of a door line light grid is not possible.

EFA-SRT® MTL as access restriction (FTM) with personal protection Open

To guarantee the protection of persons, doors in danger areas are equipped with safeguarding systems such as a safety contact strip and a light barrier or a door line light grid “TLG”.
A typical application would be the use of an EFA-SRT® MTL at the end of a roller conveyor, at the transfer point from an automatic conveyor system to hand pallet trucks driven by workers, for instance.

End element straight
For use as access restriction (pedestrian traffic).
For all areas of application, a horizontally continuous end profile with safety edge in conjunction with light barrier(s) can be provided as the end element of the door leaf. We also offer the possibility of protection via a door line light grid (TLG) here.

End element with door leaf extension
For use as access restriction (pedestrian traffic).
Thanks to the individually configurable, local door leaf extension, an optimal adaptation to on-site conditions can be realised. The door leaf extension is equipped with a horizontal safety edge on the end profile as shown in the drawing. In addition, the door closing level is monitored by light barrier(s).

Various drive modules Open

The EFA-SRT® MTL supports all modern intralogistics applications. Based on the installation situation, the space conditions and the process-related specifications, you will always find a suitable drive. We use frequency converters as standard to ensure long service life and dynamic door operation. Operational and personal safety exactly follow your application requirements. Various emergency opening methods, safety and pulse encoder systems are available for this purpose. Furthermore, the use of mechanical and/or inductive limit switches (up to CAT IV) is possible.


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