EFAFLEX Bürogebäude
EFAFLEX Bürogebäude

50 years of EFAFLEX: “Fast Forward” into the future of high-speed doors

“Fast Forward” is the motto under which EFAFLEX is celebrating its anniversary this year. Because speed is not only what characterises the products of the premium high-speed door provider, but also the speed with which the company has always moved towards the future.

If you constantly only look back, you quickly lose sight of the needs of today and the opportunities of tomorrow. That’s why the 50th anniversary at EFAFLEX is seen less as a look back at what was and more as a “go” for everything that is to come – creating innovations that are remembered instead of reminiscing. For EFAFLEX, the direction of movement was always forward – in particularly large steps. Today, in addition to the award for the fastest vertically opening door in the world, the company portfolio is also adorned with industry-changing milestones such as the first spiral door, the patented cardan joint technology and the door light grid, which is unique in the world.

Family business with aspirations for the future

After all, you don’t become a world market leader overnight or without reason. Over the last 50 years, EFAFLEX has always been ready to further develop itself and its solutions. The anniversary is therefore also confirmation that pioneering spirit, out-of-the-box thinking, and industry sensitivity pay off. The strong focus on solutions relating to industrial doors has made EFAFLEX the absolute specialists in this area. This is reflected not only in products that are increasingly tailored to actual customer needs, but also in a holistic service and a sales team in which every sales representative is an expert in high-speed doors. There is also a talent for using modern technology to add value: for example, the digital Internet of Things solution EFA-SmartConnect® or the BIM platform BIMObject®.

With a unique quality standard and awareness, EFAFLEX is now active worldwide and represented on five continents with eleven subsidiaries. Nevertheless, the solution provider has always remained a family-run, traditional company. Values ​​such as respect, loyalty and integrity were the basis for founding the company – and five decades later are still the foundation for any collaboration with and at EFAFLEX. This applies to customers and partners as well as employees.

Quality advantage thanks to Top Qualifications

Although EFAFLEX is famous for fast and safe spiral, rolling and folding doors, what defines the company are its people. On the one hand, there are the engineers who are constantly designing new innovations in their own research and development department; the employees working in assembly, who turn individual parts into usable premium solutions with unfailing precision and conscientiousness; and the perfectly trained service employees and service technicians who implement EFAFLEX’s high performance standards in maintenance and repair.

EFAFLEX Pipp Jubiläum

But even beyond the technical jobs, the entire workforce, from administration to sales, does outstanding work that makes the company the all-round provider that EFAFLEX is. In addition to the unique quality, performance and efficiency of the doors, customers and partners particularly value the individual advice and personal support. Instead of off-the-shelf products, EFAFLEX delivers tailor-

made solutions that are developed in close mutual collaboration.

Real Expertise for Long-Term solutions

Unconditional customer focus and a thoroughly customer-centric business approach are cornerstones of EFAFLEX’s ongoing success. It should hardly be surprising that the company has been the leading manufacturer of high-speed doors for almost half of its existence – a designation that EFAFLEX was the first to introduce over 40 years ago. After all, global players as well as small and medium-sized companies from a wide range of industries or public institutions rely on the top technology and top service from the premium provider headquartered in Bruckberg near Munich.

But what might come as a surprise to some people is that ecological and social responsibility has always played a role in EFAFLEX’s 50-year company history. Sustainability is not a trendy topic, but rather an integral part of the company philosophy – the keyword is “future-oriented.” This includes respectful collaboration at eye level with employees and partners worldwide or environmentally friendly value chains as well as products that enable customers to be more sustainable thanks to their properties. For example, the short opening and closing times of the high-speed doors make a significant contribution to minimising heat and cold losses – including significantly reduced energy consumption and a saving of up to two tons of CO2 per year.

Quality awareness and Innovative spirit since 1974

Five decades have now passed since Manfred Seysen, Gabrijel Rejc, and Gustav Meyer founded EFAFLEX Tor- und Sicherheitsysteme GmbH & Co. KG in 1974. Nevertheless, the company still thinks and acts with the foresight that means lasting advantages for customers, and with the strong drive for innovation that always produces new top performances. The future can’t start fast enough for EFAFLEX, so why not continue to drive progress? “Fast forward.”

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