EFA-SRT® EasyFit: a door that masters all challenges

With the EFA-SRT® EasyFit, EFAFLEX is launching a flexible and robust solution in the sector of high-speed roll-up doors. Installation and commissioning take hardly any time at all.

The importance of high-speed roll-up doors in the manufacturing or transporting industry, but also beyond, is immense. Highest load-bearing capacity, long service life and all this with a good price-performance ratio, are the requirements that are placed on high-speed roll-up doors. The world market leader EFAFLEX now gives an answer to this with the EFA-SRT® EasyFit.

This door already impresses upon delivery of the parts. “The EFA-SRT® EasyFit comes in just one package and is already largely pre-assembled,” says Lukas Meyer, Head of Product Management at the door manufacturer, explaining the special feature. Add-on parts and cables are already permanently installed and pre-routed. The door cases are connected directly to the winding shaft via a joint and can be easily folded out during assembly.

Easy installation of EFA-SRT® EasyFit

The door can be brought directly to the desired position on the wall by forklift and installed there. This simple installation process makes it possible to commission several doors in a single day, which is a tremendous benefit especially for large customers, since it makes it much easier to plan for the installation of roll-up doors.

In addition, due to the narrow door cases of EFA-SRT® EasyFit, it is even possible to install two doors flush next to each other. At the same time, the door can be used even in confined spaces. The EFA-SRT® EasyFit is available in sizes from 750 mm to 4,000 mm in width and from 1,250 mm to 4,000 mm in height.

Door light grid guarantees safety for both man and machines

And as is standard with EFAFLEX, the EFA-SRT® EasyFit comes with highly efficient safety mechanisms included. “The door has a door light grid as a standard feature, which ensures the door closing edge is not a danger to anyone, without the need for contact, over the entire door width,” Meyer explains the device for the safety of man and machine. The principle is incredibly simple. “If the door light grid detects a person or an obstacle within the closing level, the movement of the door leaf is stopped immediately, even before any contact is made.” If there is a power failure, the EFA-SRT® EasyFit can also be opened manually by hand crank.

With 150,000 possible load cycles per year, with a life cycle of up to ten years, the door is very robust. The EFA-SRT® EasyFit opens at up to 1.5 metres per second and closes at up to 1.0 metres per second. The door curtain is available in a single colour in transparent as well as with warning stripes or viewing panel.

Low maintenance

Once in operation, the EFA-SRT® EasyFit is extremely low-maintenance and therefore has short downtimes, which on the one hand ensures effective and smooth operation and on the other hand also further improves the price-performance ratio, as every minute of downtime costs money.

So what makes EFA-SRT® EasyFit stand out? Product Manager Meyer summarises the facts once again: “It impresses with its ease of installation, even in confined spaces, its high safety standards and its durability despite the most intensive loads.”