“Fast Forward” for Top Service and Digitality: 50 Years of EFAFLEX

It feels like every company is talking about digital transformation. And EFAFLEX? Just do it: digitalization has long been in full swing here. The best example of this is the service offering of the world market leader. This advantageously uses modern technology and continues a tradition that has defined EFAFLEX’s service for 50 years..

Half a century of company history also means half a century of technical progress. It has gained such momentum, especially in the last two decades, that it is sometimes difficult to distinguish the useful tools and technologies from those of no real use. However, this is exactly where one of EFAFLEX’s strengths has always been: closely monitoring every development, but not unconditionally following every trend. The digital solutions used in the service area therefore offer real added value and optimally put the motto of this year’s company anniversary, “Fast Forward”, into practice.

Networking, Management, Simplification

At the forefront is the Internet of Things solution EFA-SmartConnect®. In keeping with Industry 4.0, this connects high-speed doors with mobile devices such as smartphones. Using the associated app, operators can check the status of their doors at any time and immediately determine any defects, damage, and malfunctions. Anyone who is part of the exclusive EFAFLEX partner program – and therefore benefits from a whole range of other advantages – can also contact the company directly via the app and order a repair.

Of course, even if you are not a member of the partner program or use EFA-SmartConnect®, the EFAFLEX service technicians will take care of every repair immediately and with the utmost care – even if it is not an EFAFLEX door. Because the service mentality is what sets EFAFLEX apart from its innovative and reliable products. When people talked about quality over the past 50 years, at EFAFLEX they always meant service.

Digital Data as a Secret Weapon for Efficiency

To ensure this quality, the company regularly conducts training courses. After all, the EFAFLEX service network now extends over 80 countries and what was once a regional operation has long since become an international company with corresponding responsibility. Maintaining your own service excellence at a consistently high level everywhere is a challenge, but at the same time there is no alternative: every single customer must be able to rely 100 percent on EFAFLEX without exception, according to the company’s claim.

For this reason, the company maintains an extensive database that stores detailed information about each door. If a customer needs to change components, the EFAFLEX service employees immediately know which spare part is needed.

Support at every Point of the Product Lifecycle

Of course, as a digitalized company, EFAFLEX also uses the BIM platform BIMobject® (BIM = Building Information Modeling). For EFAFLEX, the service concept begins with the planning. Once the door has been installed and put into operation, the solution provider supports its customers with professional

maintenance and reliable availability in emergencies. Because all services at EFAFLEX are designed to ensure that things go “fast” – quickly – “forward” – forward or further – and that the customer’s productivity remains high. Through the clever and sensible use of digital possibilities, this is guaranteed – even in the next 50 years.

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