TUTORIAL – conventional vs high-speed doors; the differences explained

Throughout this tutorial, we explain the differences between conventional roller shutters versus high-speed doors, which include the intensity of use, activation, economics and sustainabilty to better inform your purchase decision.

Tutorial EFAFLEX EFA-SST®-Secure

Our new security door EFA-SST®-Secure is an individual solution from the EFAPROTECT series for your security concept! It can be used in all areas needing increased security requirements including banks, ministries, hotel facilities, museums or public buildings. Certified according to DIN EN 1627 ff. in resistance class 4 (RC4), it protects you in the event of an attack by experienced perpetrators and locks automatically after each load change.


The highspeed spiraldoor EFA-SST® TK-100 is an innovative solution for this purpose: with a diameter of 100 millimeters, the thermally obtained EFA-THERM-insulating lamellae are best suited for high-performance and high-strength systems.

EFAFLEX – The Parking People, Parking and parking systems

Parking garages in shopping centres, residential buildings, hotels, airports, underground railways or public authorities, they all require safe and fast entry and exit for their users. In addition, installation situations in the parking area are often determined by limited clearance heights and confined spaces. The EFA-SST® PS offers a solution for all challenges. This includes not only the economic efficiency, such as the service life or performance of the doors, but also the high level of safety.

EFAFLEX – Expert-Talk Airport

From arrival to departure, there are a number of procedures and security checks that need to be coordinated. They all require to be handled safely and quickly. In addition, peripheral areas of application are also covered. The EFA-SST® Secure, the world’s only certified RC4 (Resistance Class) high-speed door, plays an important role here.

EFAFLEX – Sustainability

Discover our fascinating world of sustainability and the groundbreaking environmental and economic benefits of our high-speed doors! Find out how these doors not only provide an efficient solution for fast material flow, but also make an important contribution to environmental and cost savings.

EFAFLEX goes digital – Digitalization

Dive into the digitalisation of EFAFLEX! IoT, Industry 5.0 and Smart Building are buzzwords we hear every day. EFAFLEX offers innovative solutions and tools that not only revolutionise the planning process, but also provide enormous added value in terms of efficiency and cost reduction.

Tutorial EFAFLEX CR Series

In this tutorial we explain the requirements for cleanrooms. In the pharmaceutical, medical and healthcare industries, maximum air tightness and hygienic design are just two of the many challenges. This video shows the exciting world of cleanroom doors and how EFAFLEX can help you with our high-speed roll-up doors CR Series.