50 Years of Premium Solutions, 50 years of “Fast Forward”: EFAFLEX is celebrating its anniversary

EFAFLEX is not only the global market leader, but also the technology leader for industrial doors. This is no coincidence: the company has always innovated the industry and pushed its own products to achieve top technical performance. This year, EFAFLEX is celebrating its 50th anniversary – and with it five decades of pioneering spirit, ingenuity, and outstanding solutions.

Technological progress has always played a central role at EFAFLEX. And not just because high-speed doors require (modern) technology to open and close: the company is characterised by an inherent passion and enthusiasm for trying out new things and tinkering with small details until perfection. Thanks to this natural drive for constant product optimisation, EFAFLEX can, 50 years after its founding, boast a uniquely broad portfolio that covers a wide variety of customer needs, from “maximal resilience” to “maximal safety” to “maximal practicality”.

Every door has its Strength

EFAFLEX didn’t just follow trends, it sets them. Keyword spiral door: Its invention goes back to the solution provider from Bruckberg. To date, no other comparable design is able to combine such fast closing and opening speeds with high durability and maximum effectiveness. This is made possible by the clever door leaf guidance, which also allows for space-saving and low-noise operation.

However, this does not mean that classic rolling and folding doors have to hide behind the spiral door: reliability, ease of maintenance and safety are essential factors that make the doors the optimal choice for many customers and users both indoors and in protected outdoor areas too.

What makes a good Solution

The reasons for the popularity of EFAFLEX’s premium doors are of course varied and can probably best be roughly summarised in the keywords Quality and Efficiency. But in addition to these obvious features, another factor is particularly important: the clever details. For example, EFAFLEX roller doors have a weight compensation system that allows them to be opened easily during power outages and emergency situations – a plus for safety.

EFAFLEX Pipp Jubiläum

The doors also impress with their robustness, which is absolutely necessary in all relevant industries and customer sectors. Speaking of industries: In this respect, EFAFLEX has constantly expanded with increasingly specifically tailored solutions and now serves a broad customer base – from airports to logistics and security areas to the food, pharmaceutical and automotive industries.

Constant Innovation

The great strength of EFAFLEX has always been to recognise customer needs at an early stage and cleverly combine them with modern technological solutions. The best example of this is EFA-SmartConnect®, the EFAFLEX Internet of Things solution for networking and managing multiple doors via an app. While other companies are still preparing their digital transformation, at EFAFLEX this is already well underway.

EFAFLEX has already demonstrated its extraordinary flair for digitality: in 2009, the world’s first laser scanner for door systems, the EFA-SCAN®, was introduced. What is completely normal today was a small revolution back then. And there are several of these “little revolutions” in the EFAFLEX history: cardan joint technology, door line light grids and many other milestones can be traced back to the company. When EFAFLEX celebrates its 50th anniversary this year under the motto “Fast Forward”, it also means one thing: the prospect of further innovations, new impulses, and lots of reliable top products.