EFA-SRT® EasyFit: the robust all-rounder

A high-speed roll-up door must fulfil several requirements at the same time. EFA-SRT® EasyFit by world market leader EFAFLEX offers enormous reliability, fast opening and closing speeds as well as a great adaptability to the local requirements in a complete package.

It is the latest development in the field of high-speed roll-up doors from EFAFLEX: EFA-SRT® EasyFit is an enrichment of the extensive product portfolio. This is because it impresses with one of its special features already upon delivery. “The EFA-SRT® EasyFit is packed in only one package and is already largely pre-assembled,” explains Lukas Meyer, Head of Product Management at EFAFLEX. In concrete terms, this means that significantly less time needs to be planned for the installation of the door thanks to pre-installed add-on parts and pre-routed cables.

Several doors can be installed in one day

As the installation is incredibly simple. “The complete door system, i.e. foldable door cases and the curtain box, can be brought to the desired position on the wall with a forklift truck and fastened directly there,” Meyer describes the installation process of the EFA-SRT® EasyFit. Due to the rapid commissioning of a system, several doors can be installed in a single day without any problems.

Speaking of several doors: due to the narrow door cases, there is the option to mount two EFA-SRT® EasyFit doors flush next to each other. In addition, the EFA-SRT® EasyFit can also be easily installed in confined spaces, as the door system is particularly compact.

Door light grid ensures safety

The available sizes of the EFA-SRT®EasyFit range from 750 mm to 4,000 mm in width and from 1,250 mm to 4,000 mm in height, so that the right door solution can be found for every need.

Despite all the compactness, the new door also guarantees the highest safety standards, as is common with EFAFLEX. “EFA-SRT® EasyFit has a door light grid as a standard feature, which ensures the door closing edge never becomes a danger to anyone, without the need for contact, over the entire door width,” Meyer explains the mechanism.   “If the door light grid detects a person or an obstacle within the closing level, the movement of the door leaf is stopped immediately, even before any contact is made,” he adds

In addition, in the event of a power failure, there is the possibility of opening the door manually by means of a hand crank. The safety of humans and machines is thus fully guaranteed.

150,000 load cycles per year

The EFA-SRT® EasyFit shines in everyday operation with enormous robustness: it easily manages 150,000 load cycles per year, with a life cycle of up to ten years. The opening speed is 1.5 metres per second and the door closes at up to 1.0 metres per second. The door curtain is available in a single colour in transparent as well as with warning stripes or with a viewing panel.

Due to the already mentioned robustness, coupled with enormous reliability, the EFA-SRT® EasyFit is extremely low-maintenance in regular operation and thus has short standstill times.  “EFA-SRT® EasyFit impresses with its easy installation, even in confined spaces, its high safety standards and its durability despite the most intensive loads,” says Meyer, summarising the advantages of the high-speed roll-up door once again.