Fast Forward: EFAFLEX celebrates 50 Years of Speed and Excellence

When it comes to “being fast,” EFAFLEX doesn’t just mean the speed of its doors: since day one, the solution provider has always been a step ahead of the competition, using new technologies as early as possible and rapidly driving progress in the industry. This year the family business is celebrating its 50th anniversary under the motto “Fast Forward”.

For more than 20 of these 50 years, EFAFLEX has been the global market leader at the top of the industrial door market. But despite business activities on five continents, representatives in 80 countries and eleven subsidiaries, the company with headquarters in Bruckberg near Munich is still family-owned. EFAFLEX owes this success – in addition to its claim to completely satisfy customers and only delivering the highest quality products – to its future-oriented thinking and actions. This year’s anniversary should therefore invite us less to look back and more to look forward. “Fast Forward,” is the guiding principle, that reflects the DNA of a company with vision.

Future as a Goal

For example, when it was founded, EFAFLEX was the first company in the world to focus exclusively on high-speed doors – and the company that coined both the term “high-speed door” and its ongoing development. When Manfred Seysen, Gabrijel Rejc, and Gustav Meyer founded EFAFLEX Tor- und Sicherheitsysteme GmbH & Co. KG in 1974, they probably could not have foreseen that their company would one day be number one in the industry. However, what was clear from the start: If you want to assert yourself, you need quality awareness and a spirit of innovation.

EFAFLEX Pipp Jubiläum

Five decades later, this attitude has given EFAFLEX a decisive technological advantage and made it a driving force in the industry. The company recognised the signs of the times early on and pushed forward digital transformation: With the Internet of Things solution EFA-SmartConnect®, for example, EFAFLEX is responding to the needs of networked Industry 4.0, and through digital building data modeling via the BIMobject® platform the doors can be adapted even more precisely to bespoke requirements. The company is consistently expanding these approaches so that digitality will open up completely new opportunities in the future, especially in the areas of sales and service.

Faster than the Rest

The premium provider sees itself as having a responsibility for its customers and continually sets new standards in terms of quality, safety, and speed. This is made possible by their own Research and Development Department. Thanks to innovative engineering, EFAFLEX can now boast a whole series of milestones: the patented cardan joint technology, the first spiral door, the door line light grid that

are unique in the world, and the first laser scanner developed for use on door systems are just a few from the company’s 50-year history.

In addition, EFAFLEX also holds a world record: with speeds of up to 4 m/s, the EFA-STR® can call itself the fastest vertically opening door in the world. This makes the door the frontrunner, but it is anything but an exception in the company’s portfolio. All EFAFLEX doors are high-speed doors with door leaf speeds of at least 1 m/s – regardless of whether they are spiral doors, roller doors or folding doors.

Optimal because optimised

It is not for nothing that EFAFLEX’s customer base has not only constantly expanded but has also become increasingly diverse. Today, the premium solutions and tailor-made special doors are used in a wide variety of industries, for example in the beverage, food, and pharmaceutical industries, at automobile manufacturers and suppliers or at airports, in parking garages and in logistics. Global players rely on the efficiency, durability, and reliability of EFAFLEX doors, as do small and medium-sized companies and public institutions.

Also because of the special dedication of the solution provider: Internal quality management plus quality control ensure that every door works perfectly. There are also high-quality maintenance, repair and maintenance services that are intended to guarantee the long-term availability of the door systems. Their own excellently trained service fleet, as well as the detailed digital documentation of all doors and their data make it possible to intervene quickly and effectively in the event of malfunctions or difficulties.

Human success factor

With appropriate agreements, EFAFLEX even takes over the maintenance and repair of doors from other manufacturers. Ultimately, the needs of customers and partners are the focus of all company decisions. Providing the best possible support at all times has been EFAFLEX’s main concern for 50 years. That’s why one thing has particularly distinguished the premium provider throughout its existence: its employees. EFAFLEX now employs more than 1,400 of them worldwide and still attaches immense importance to top training, regular further training, and good working conditions for everyone.

Because values ​​such as respect, loyalty, and integrity were essential ideas when the company was founded and still shape the work at EFAFLEX 50 years later. On the one hand, the competence and satisfaction of employees are crucial factors for the future viability of companies. On the other hand, you should be able to identify with the company.

Always sustainable

EFAFLEX’s awareness of sustainability also contributes to this: out of a natural responsibility, environmental protection played a role in the company long before public climate debates, so that the entire value chain is designed to be sustainable – both from an ecological and social perspective. In addition, the products themselves also help customers to be more sustainable: optimal insulation and extremely fast opening and closing times reduce the loss of heat and cold in the areas separated from the door to a minimum. Low-wear operation, low operating costs and recyclable materials further reduce the ecological footprint.

Not least examples like these demonstrate EFAFLEX’s foresight, holistic customer-centric approach and comprehensive application understanding – characteristics that will enable the company to maintain its position as an innovator in the next 50 years and drive progress in the spirit of “Fast Forward” will advance faster and faster.