Highly durable, highly efficient: The new EFA-SRT® MS Performance machine safety door from EFAFLEX

The requirements for machine safety doors are complex: they must ensure the safety of people and machines under all conditions and circumstances. The doors should also facilitate consistently high productivity through rapid opening and closing times and should be durable in order to avoid downtime. With the EFA-SRT® MS Performance high-speed door, Efaflex offers the highest level of machine safety – and even more.

“As a moveable separating safety guard, the EFA-SRT® MS Performance is tailored to the needs of the industry,” explains Lukas Meyer, Head of Product Management at EFAFLEX.  On the one hand, the high opening and closing speeds of up to 2.0 m/s allow for a constant production flow. On the other, the door is setting new standards in the industry when it comes to service life: “The EFA-SRT® MS Performance can perform up to a million load cycles per year,” explains Meyer, “no other door with comparable features manages as many.” As a result. downtimes can be effectively minimised and smooth operational processes can be ensured in the long term.

Cleverly designed top solution

In addition, the EFA-SRT® MS Performance is designed for an above-average life cycle of twelve years. There is good reason for this performance: the optimised design, typical of EFAFLEX, combines sophisticated design with first-rate processing and component quality.

Passage widths of 750 to 3,500 mm and total opening heights of 750 to 3,500 mm are easily possible, making the EFA-SRT® MS Performance an advantageous choice in a wide range of application scenarios. An optional frame extension even makes an opening height of 4,000 mm possible.

Optimisation through customisation

Adaptability is the second major strength of the EFA-SRT® MS Performance, as Lukas Meyer knows: “The door can be configured extremely flexibly for specific needs and requirements. A wide range of individualisation is therefore also possible.” The highlights here are the door cases made from extruded aluminium profiles, newly developed in-house. These make it possible to fit add-on parts such as push buttons or the fence connections supplied at the desired height with infinite variability. Up to four limit switches can be integrated into the door cases if desired, with the integrated cable ducts facilitating clarity and clean cable separation.

The drive, which is not only high performance but also can be turned in 45 degree steps, is another innovation. The EFA-SRT® MS Performance can be further tailored to its operational environment as a result., and the door also offers options for individual configuration when it comes to the door curtain too: both a transparent variant made from flexible PVC with coloured warning marks and a version made from transversely stable material in various colours with or without window are available.

Reliable protection functions

Machine safety doors should protect machines and equipment, but the highest priority is protecting people. In order to ensure the highest possible safety for persons on machines and systems, the door is fitted with a door light grid or safety light grid. The head-safe option is also possible. If one of these mechanisms detects people or obstacles at the closing level, the door stops immediately.  In addition, the transparent frame cover can be equipped with an LED strip which allows for an additional traffic light function.

Quality as a safety feature

Its robustness and product service life also make the EFA-SRT® MS Performance a reliable long-term solution in the industrial and commercial sector – ultimately, it makes faults and the associated risks less likely. The high reliability and functional safety are also reflected in complete certification at performance level “d”. The machine safety door has also passed an EU type examination in accordance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and is certified by the ift Rosenheim test laboratory.

Another benefit of the EFA-SRT® MS Performance: the door is extremely low-maintenance thanks to high-quality manufacturing. The hinged front covering and removable cable covers also make basic maintenance and servicing operations easier if they should happen to be necessary. The transparent frame cover allows for easy visual inspection. Clever details like these also contribute to the reliable long-term functionality of the door.

Self-installation optionally possible

Another benefit is that customers can install the door themselves. This is possible both as wall installation and as a free-standing version. To this end, EFAFLEX delivers the door with set-up manual and all of the necessary mounting material. “With the EFA-SRT® MS Performance, we are catering to concrete customer requests and therefore also offering self-installation,” explains Meyer.

EFAFLEX ensures that the highest standards with regard to safety and functionality are maintained even with self-installation. Customers benefit in more than one way here: from lower procurement costs owing to self-installation on the one hand, and from significantly reduced time to put the door into operation thanks to self-installation on the other. There is also no need to send out a separate installation vehicle, thus reducing CO2 emissions as well.

Customer-oriented top performance

Lukas Meyer summarises: “Thanks to the wide variety of customisation options, users can implement precisely the solution that best suits their specific situation – and benefit all round from the efficiency, durability and performance of the EFA-SRT® MS Performance.”