Impulses, Innovation, Integrity: EFAFLEX’s Brand Anniversary

When it comes to high-speed and industrial doors, there is no escaping the EFAFLEX brand. In its 50th year of existence, the company has built a reputation for guaranteed quality and innovation – and is celebrating this as part of its anniversary under the motto “Fast Forward”.

EFAFLEX stands for innovative and creative engineering and for products that are as reliable and safe as they are practical and aesthetic. And for speed: The speed with which the solution provider’s premium doors open and close is outstanding and even unique in the industry. It is therefore only logical that the cheetah adorns the EFAFLEX logo. Because the big cat is not only considered graceful, but above all the fastest land animal in the world.

Added Value as a Brand Essence

“Fast Forward,” this year’s anniversary motto, takes up this idea of ​​speed, but expands it to include an important point: the target course. Because high marks alone have no meaning. What counts at EFAFLEX is the added value that results from top performance.

It’s about driving forward technological developments, pushing the boundaries of what is possible and ultimately opening up new opportunities for customers and partners. The constant look to the future has made the Bavarian family business a globally renowned brand and number one in the market for industrial doors.

People at the Center

After all, a lot has changed in five decades. This is even more true for an innovation-driven company like EFAFLEX. As a driving force for an entire industry and against the background of constant, massive growth, it could theoretically quickly happen that you lose focus. What is remarkable, however, is that at EFAFLEX the focus is still on people.

On the one hand, there are customers, users and partners, whose benefits the entire product development and service diversity is geared towards. From assembly to operation, the premium doors are designed to provide the greatest possible benefit to the people who use them. On the other hand, it is the employees who have made EFAFLEX what it is today: a company that stands out from the competition through its expertise, dedication, and enthusiasm for high-speed doors.

Growth with Values

Against the background of this mentality, it is only logical that respect plays a central role in EFAFLEX’s canon of values. Both internal and external collaboration always takes place on an equal footing and

with unfailing, mutual respect and attentiveness. Loyalty and integrity in the sense of integrity and honesty are firmly integrated into the company DNA and are essential factors in explaining the continued success of EFAFLEX. Mutual appreciation, mutual trust and mutual solidarity make EFAFLEX a true family business: a company with a family of employees, partners, and customers.

EFAFLEX proves that growth and business success can be reconciled with family values ​​and a corporate philosophy that is not exclusively profit-oriented. The EFAFLEX brand has long been an export hit, represented by over 1,400 employees in more than 80 countries around the world. Because not only reliable quality products and premium services are in demand everywhere, but also brands that honestly earn trust and work tirelessly to maintain this trust.