High-speed spiral door EFA-SST® Efficient.

The tailored safety solution.

Cramped installation situations require a tailored solution which fits in with the given conditions. With the high-speed spiral door EFA- SST® Efficient, EFAFLEX offers a compact and springless door which can also be positioned in locations with confined installation space.
The scope of application for the EFA-SST® Efficient ranges from use indoors through to use as a secure hall door. With an on-site canopy, the high-speed door can also be installed outdoors.

EFA-SST® Efficient at a glance:

  • Slim frame for confined installation locations
  • Chain drive ensures minimal maintenance costs
  • Resistance class WK 2 in accordance with DIN V ENV 1627-1630:1999-04
  • Opening and closing speed up to 0.5 m/s
  • Up to 150,000 operating cycles per year
  • Max. sizes, w=4,000 mm, h=5,130 mm
  • Tested and certified by ift Rosenheim


Space-saving design Open

Thanks to the heavy-duty chain drive, the EFA-SST® Efficient does not require weight compensation by means of springs. This not only saves space, but also cost for maintenance and service. Furthermore, the EFAFLEX high-speed spiral door can be installed in many situations due to the compact door case dimensions. Thanks to the highly-insulated door leaf, it is also suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Guaranteed longevity Open

The door leaf of the EFA-SST® Efficient consists of individual laths which are connected by a hinge chain. When the door is opened or closed, the rollers attached to the hinge chain are guided through the vertical and spiral-shaped door leaf guides. This results in only a very low noise level. In addition, there are only minimal signs of wear – and none at all on the door leaf itself. This ensures a long service life for the door system.

Innovative safety Open

The EFA-SST® Efficient is certified according to DIN/TS 18194:2020 to Resistance Class 2 and extends the EFAPROTECT® Series. The automatic, burglary-proof locking mechanism also enables the door to provide efficient protection from unwanted visitors. The EFA-SST® Efficient is thus an innovative all-rounder and ensures maximum safety as well as security without interfering with ongoing processes.


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