Quality in every Respect: What EFAFLEX has stood for as a Brand for 50 Years

“Made in Germany” is still a seal of quality in many ways. Of course, the Federal Republic has not simply earned its reputation for delivering outstanding engineering work and reliable products. The reason is companies like EFAFLEX, which represent Germany with premium quality in the world – and have done so for many decades.

In the case of EFAFLEX, it is exactly five decades this year. During this time, a small business has become an internationally active company. Today EFAFLEX is represented in 80 countries. And it stands for everything that defines the “Made in Germany” seal: high engineering art that offers maximum reliability, precision, and product quality. Users and customers worldwide associate the seal with products that have gone through strict quality controls and are valued for their longevity, innovation, and efficiency.

Solutions for People

However, the EFAFLEX brand stands for much more. The core idea of ​​the company philosophy is to develop premium solutions by, with and for people. Machine safety doors, for example, are ultimately intended to protect users from machines instead of the other way around, and cleanroom doors aim to ensure hygienic standards and thus the safety of consumers. Every detail of EFAFLEX products and services is therefore geared towards human added value.

This also applies to external and internal collaboration. Of course, EFAFLEX is a business company and profit, growth and financial security undoubtedly play a role. However, they never come at the expense of the company’s integral values ​​of respect, loyalty, and integrity. Appreciation and cooperation on an equal level are what characterise interactions within the company, as well as exchanges with customers and cooperation with partners.

Represent respect

EFAFLEX is a family business through and through. Not only because the company is now run by the second generation and is still independent, but also because family values ​​continue to shape the company DNA to this day.

With its 50th anniversary, EFAFLEX is also celebrating proof that economic success can be implemented and reconciled with solidarity, consideration, and fairness. Perhaps this is a value that the “Made in Germany” seal also represents – at least as far as EFAFLEX is concerned.