Fast Forward: How EFAFLEX Products are driving the Industry forward

What will the state of technology look like in 50 years and what can the high-speed door of the future do? Of course, one can only speculate about this. However, there is no question that EFAFLEX should be at the forefront of this issue. Because “Fast Forward,” the motto of this year’s company anniversary, is not only a review of what has been achieved so far, but also a promise to the future.

EFAFLEX doesn’t just produce high-speed doors: the company develops industry solutions specifically tailored to customer needs. Each product therefore responds to the real demands and requirements of a wide variety of industries. The fact that EFAFLEX, for example, has the fastest vertically opening door in the world in its portfolio, the EFA-STR®, is not just an end in itself. The development was not simply about breaking a record, but rather providing a maximally efficient solution that allows customers to reduce downtime and increase productivity.

Added Value as a Benchmark for Product Development

Likewise, other product features such as the exceptional robustness, the high quality, or the above-average longevity of EFAFLEX high-speed doors. Customer and solution orientation characterise the company’s 50-year history, which is of course also a product history: What started with the first high-speed door today includes a uniquely diverse portfolio that has made EFAFLEX the world market and technology leader for industrial doors.

Repeatedly, the bright minds and resourceful spirits at EFAFLEX have found new answers to the (demanding) questions of constantly changing industries. Folding doors are not flexible enough and cost too much energy and time? The cardan joint technology takes the folding door to a new level. Customers need an economical and space-saving solution? EFAFLEX invents the spiral door. Collision damage is a problem? The Active Crash System provides a remedy.

Door Specialists, Problem-Solving Experts

Or to put it another way: The EFAFLEX research and development department is passionate about delivering not only exceptional products, but solutions with real added value. The aim is not to reinvent the wheel – but to reinvent the high-speed door. Accordingly, there are three drive types in the EFAFLEX portfolio with spiral, rolling and folding technology, all of which have different advantages.

EFAFLEX Pipp Jubiläum

In addition, the number one in the market for industrial doors offers a variety of practical accessories and peripherals such as controls and sensors. Digitality is playing an increasingly important role – as it must be a given for a provider with the highest standards of innovative spirit in 2024. EFAFLEX recognised the potential of digital technology as early as 2009 with the first laser scanner for door systems. The Internet of Things solution EFA-SmartConnect is the latest station and the consistent continuation of this path.

Customer needs become Future Technology

But for EFAFLEX there is more to digitalization than just following a trend just to have a “smart” product on offer. The motivation was rather how technological progress can be used and applied sensibly to

the customers’ situation. In the case of EFA-SmartConnect®, for example, it is much easier to detect and quickly resolve faults or to monitor the general status of the doors without having to check each one individually in detail (and at great expense).

From EFAFLEX’s point of view, the question of how their portfolio will develop over the next 50 years and what the latest high-speed door will look like in 2074 can be answered very simply: exactly as customers need it at that point in time.